What is cPanel?

Find out more about one of the main hosting Control Panels (the cPanel Control Panel) and its many advantages.

cPanel is the most widespread Control Panel tool on the hosting market. It is feature-rich and it features an easy-to-use interface which will provide you with full control of your sites. It’s easy to manage files, emails and databases, view usage statistics, install script-driven applications, and so on. The software is preferred by many website hosting companies, due to the fact that it also has a reseller counterpart named WebHost Manager (WHM). This software instrument will supply you with a web-based graphical interface, through which you are able to handle many server-side settings, set up web hosting packages or new client accounts and change their features with just a couple of clicks. You can also install different modules and applications, modify DNS records, brand the cPanel accounts that your clients will get, add and remove features from their Control Panels, and so on. cPanel and WHM are compatible with almost all billing apps out there, so this is among the top platforms in case you want to become a reseller.



StartLogic Hosting Review

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StartLogic is one of the leading websites providing hosting services in the world. Starting off from a small vision of a team of two entrepreneurs, this brand has seen growth in leaps and bounds to acquire over 50,000 satisfied customers and counting. The goal of the company is to provide small scale businesses all the services they require to set up a flourishing business online and build up websites to exploit the full potential the World Wide Web has to offer.

Google partnership

The company has a successful partnership with the most renowned browser in the world, Google. The web giant chose StartLogic as a partner to help other small scale businesses in their endeavors to go online. The program Get Your Business Online has been implemented in the partnership which provides the tools for allowing budding websites attract more customers as well as providing the necessary knowledge about the tools required to succeed in the business.


The company uses two centers for encoding the data, situated in Boston and Massachusetts area. With a total 2400 square feet area with thousands of servers and a gigantic petabytes of storage, the company uses a pooled server to access any file whenever requested. This allows the customer to receive the quickest attention of the first free machine. The facility has extreme security features and DC back-up for uninterrupted access.


The data is first parsed by the load balancers of the company and then sent to the high quality servers of the company which is then split into different application pools. This architecture is helpful as it allows the customization of various machines based on functionality and thereby, more density in each of the boxes which in turn leads to a greater reliable service. The pools are not fed by individual racks, thereby, even in case of a malfunction in one particular rack due to switch problems or power unavailability, the entire pool does not suffer. The machines can access any customer’s data and is clustered with another identical machine having ditto copies of the data which serves as back-up in cases of power failure.


The website offers three different plans priced differently to address each and every type of customers. The plans are named Express, Pro and Supercharge. The Express plan is priced at $4.50/month, Pro at $5.99/month and Supercharge at $8.99/month.

Take your business to a new level by a small investment today and reach millions of customers tomorrow. StartLogic takes care of all your problems and gives you the best options for creating a successful online business.

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MySQL Databases

What are MySQL Databases?

When you use a script-driven application for your website, any data that both you and the site users generate shall be stored within a database – a collection of data, which is arranged in cells and tables for easier reading and writing. The latter is accomplished by using special software called database management system and one of the most widely used ones globally is MySQL. A lot of script applications are built to work with MySQL because it’s easy to use, it functions perfectly on a hosting server and it’s universal as it can function with widely used web programming languages (PHP, Perl, Python, Java) and on several server Operating Systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux). There are thousands of scripts which use MySQL, including very popular ones like WordPress, Moodle and Joomla.

Web Hosting Hub

If you are looking for quality web hosting services and a trustworthy customer support, is a viable option. They have been attracting customers with there all time chatting portal that provides assistance to the customers round the clock. Customers also praise their domain registration and hosting system that is taken care in no time. Customers have been associated with this web hosting provider for years and they keep on renewing their service without complaining.

Plans and features has mainly three hosting plans for the customers, depending on the extent of services and privileges and obviously the pricing. The lowest tier plan is called the spark and it offers free domain and you can have 2 websites and for the database purpose, you will be offered 10 MySQL Databases. You can also enjoy a free advertisement of up to $50. You will have 5 Parked Domains with a total of 25 sub-domains. A backup support is tagged at $1 per month. Above all these, the best part is the Auto-install CMS from WordPress and in case you are opening an e-commerce website or a direct commercial one you can take the support of Auto-install shopping Cast from Prestashop.

The Nitro Plan is way better than the Spark scheme and here you can enjoy unlimited websites and databases. The free advertising budget rises to $150 as here you will have 25 parked domains and unlimited sub-domains. If you want a backup support, it will cost you $1 per month. You can obviously get support from WordPress and Prestashop. This plan comes with 5 free website transfers and you can choose your data centre. You can enjoy a 20% discount on the over-all web designing cost. Dynamo is the most premium plan where the free advertisement budget is $200 and you can enjoy unlimited websites, databases, parked domains and sub-domains. The backup cost is the same as the other plans. Under the Dynamo plan, Web Hosting Hub allows 10 free web transfers and gives a 30% discount on web designing cost.

Ease of use

Best customer care support among all web hosting service providers. They also bestow a money back guarantee if someone withdraws in between a billing cycle. They offer lots of free tools to buid and design your website.


The great starter plan-Spark is tagged at $4.99/mo. The Nitro Plan, fit for small business hosting purpose comes at a rate of $6.99/mo. The Dynamo plan that comes at $8.99/mo is for highly dynamic sites that requires high resources.


GreenGeeks have changed the scenario of web hosting and server installation as they have shown much concern about the eco-friendly outlook of their enterprise. They demand that they are the most eco-friendly web hosting service provider and they vary their words backed by a 300% renewable energy commitment. They provide three types of hosting which are Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Plans and features

Under Reseller Hosting Plans, they have five sub plans that shall be chose according to the customer’s need. In all the plans you can create unlimited number of accounts but the other features like the storage capacity and Bandwidth varies. The lowest plan is Seed which comes with a 50GB SSD storage and 500GB bandwidth. The highest tire plan is the Forest which comes with 200GB SSD storage and 2000GB Bandwidth. The price tag also varies vastly but the advantage is that customer can find a plan just perfect for his business and you can change the plans as your business grows.

If you have quite a big business and you are willing to have a very secure and quite personalised hosting support you can go for the VPS hosting plan. They have sub plans depending on the capacity of the virtual server and the memory range from 1GB to 8GB and you can enjoy a CPU with 4 cores. With every upgrade in the plan you can enjoy a higher bandwidth and the RAID -10 storage will also increase. The VPS with 1GB comes with a 25GB SSD and the highest one with 8GB Memory comes with 125GB SSD.  They have 4 different categories of powerful CPUs for this plan.

Ease to use

If you are worried about the task of web building and wondering how to make the website attractive, Hostmonster has the solution to your worries. You can work on a wide variety of website script for free.


The Reseller Plan ranges from $19.95 per month to 99.95 per month. In case you opt for the VPS plan, it will cost you $39.95 per month for the 1 GB memory plan but it will rise with the capacity and the 8GB comes at $159.95 per month. The dedicated plan is quite expensive and fit for big business and ranges from $169 per month to $439 per month.


What is Python?

Python is the most preferred programming language for countless programmers these days. Learn why.

Python is a well-known general-purpose computer programming language, that is employed for the development of various apps, for example CGI scripts and web software. What makes it popular with programmers is that it provides clear syntax and it works with modules – pieces of code which include some subroutines and perform certain things. Using modules can save you considerable time and effort since you can simply “call” some module in your script, rather than writing all the computer code for the very same feature. Python is used for a number of applications like online games, cms, database administration systems, RSS readers, text and data processors and many more. Any Python-based script can be implemented in a website which is written in a different computer programming language. is one of the most prominent web hosting providers under the company label. is a big web hosting service provider by itself but it also has a number of subsidiaries that are also dedicated to providing various technology solutions to customers who want to open their own website. Other than just web hosting solutions, also provides internet marketing solutions through content optimisation and advertisements.

Plans and features

They have three major web hosting packages for the customers. The lowest plan is the Essential Hosting plan which is very useful for personal use and for blogs and all. Under the Essential plan, the customer is provided 300GB of disk space with unlimited data transfer facility. The customer will get 1 domain with 100 domain pointers and 3 directory pointers. If you choose the essential plan, you can use 10 email boxes and a total 20GB of Email storage. It also comes with IMAP for proper mailing security and protocols.You can also get access to a wide range of website development support like Ruby on Rails, PHP 5, Zend Libraries (Unix Only), Python and many more. But under this plan, JSP (Unix Only) is not available. ASP.NET 2.0 & 4.0 can also be used but only from Windows.For proper management of the website, you will be provided 25 FTP accounts and to know the website statistics, AWStats is there.You can have access to various database management supports like MySQL but for MS Access and MS SQL Databases.

The Professional Hosting plan gives 500GB of storage with unlimited data transfer. Domain features are same as the Essential plan only the directory pointers provided here are 5. Email features also witness an upgrade with 25 mailboxes and 50 GB storage. All the web development provided are as same as the Essential Plan. Here the databases are same but they are available with a higher storage capacity.The premium hosting plan has unlimited storage and 10 domain pointers. The same set of web development tools with the addition of JSP. With this plan you can enjoy unlimited database space.

Ease of use:

They have quality customer service and money back policies that are very useful. They have packages for all kind of hosting demands like for personal website, small businesses or large corporations.


The Essential plan bears a price tag of $5.95 per month. The Professional Hosting is the best service for value pack and comes at $7.95 per month. Premium hosting plan comes at $9.95 per month and is the costliest plan fit for big businesses.


Dedicated IP Address

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is a unique numeric identifier on the net that is allotted to a device or a site. Shared website hosting servers usually have a number of websites under a single IP, while dedicated ones have their own IPs which are not shared with anyone else. Even if you use a standard shared account, however, you will be able to purchase a dedicated IP address that will be used only by your websites – one or a few. Because this can add up to the speed of a site, it is more likely that the site will get superior search engine result rankings. Of course, that isn’t the only factor, but it is likely to help you have more website visitors and potential clients. The dedicated IP is also needed when you wish to encrypt the info exchanged between a website and its visitors using an SSL certificate.

Email Aliases

Making an email alias means creating an email address which shares the very same mailbox as a different email address both for the inbound as well as the outbound emails. For example, you are able to create an email address and it will be connected to its own mailbox. After that, you can create an alias, that can use the mailbox of sales@ and will not have a mailbox of its own. When you look at your emails, you’ll see messages sent to both of the two addresses in one location, which can be far more convenient in some instances because you will not need to sign in and out of various email addresses using webmail or configure numerous email addresses in an email program. This feature is frequently used as a substitute for forwarding email messages from one e-mail address to another one if numerous email addresses are mentioned for contact on a site.


ModSecurity is a potent web application layer firewall for Apache web servers. It monitors the entire HTTP traffic to a website without affecting its functionality and in case it discovers an intrusion attempt, it blocks it. The firewall furthermore keeps a more thorough log for the site visitors than any web server does, so you shall manage to monitor what is happening with your Internet sites better than if you rely merely on standard logs. ModSecurity employs security rules based on which it stops attacks. For instance, it identifies if someone is trying to log in to the admin area of a certain script multiple times or if a request is sent to execute a file with a specific command. In such cases these attempts set off the corresponding rules and the firewall blocks the attempts in real time, after that records detailed info about them in its logs. ModSecurity is among the very best software firewalls available and it can easily protect your web applications against thousands of threats and vulnerabilities, particularly in case you don’t update them or their plugins frequently.

If you are willing to launch your own website you need to find a proper web hosting company or website which provides such services. One of the best services in the market is provided by which is a web hosting and website building service provider. provides the most competitive price for web hosting in the market and it is way cheaper than its major competitors.

Services and Hosting packages

Their basic package comes for just $0.50 in which they offer unlimited bandwidth which is way cheaper than what other big hosting websites like Hostagator and GoDaddy offers. This package also includes free templates for the web designing and building. They also have web development and designing options that are very useful for launching a new website. They have three major hosting plans and they are Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting and Premium Hosting. Each a little costlier than the previous one. They have other services on online marketing like Pay Per Click assistance, local leads, online visibility report etc. They also assist in online reputation management through reputation alerts and also provide products like SSL Certificates.


This hosting website provides a bunch of attractive hosting features that can be of great benefit for the client. Some of these advantageous features that provides its clients are as follows:

  • There are no limitations on the website’s bandwidth from the host.
  • It provides huge storage space of nearly 300GB for each website.
  • Building a webpage with is very easy and interesting as it offers a handsome collection of templates for the developers to use.
  • There are dozens of app which you can embed in your website and make it more attractive for the visitors. They provide you with apps like Joomla, Drupal and for designing purpose there is WordPress.
  • They have a responsive customer support that will assist you round the clock.
  • They also promise a 99.99% uptime guarantee which assures you about the stability.

Ease of use has a wide range of open source programming language like PHP and Python to develop websites as well as to design apps for the website. Python is one of the best high level programming languages which is very user friendly and it can be used to develop really useful apps. They have MySQL for database management for the website. They have got other languages like Ruby, Perl and Rails for easy and quick programming.


Reliable and Intuitive Web Hosting Platform

HostUpon provides web hosting solutions both for the personal and business use alike. It is based in Ontario, Canada and it has created a name for itself with its intensive and precise customer support response. It serves the web hosting needs of its clients with distinction. It provides affordable pricing for hosting solutions bundled with 24*7 customer support which provides quick solutions. Currently it doesn’t provide any VPS or dedicated server packages.

Hosting Plans

To begin with HostUpon offer two basic packages to its customers named the Starter and the Business. Starter package is a comprehensive package which provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth and MySQL databases. It also gives a free setup to the users for just $7.95 per month with a validity of two years. In offer season this offer could also be availed at as low as $4.95. The Business package compromises all the features of Starter along with a dedicated IP and search engine submission. It also offers FFMPEG which are great for videos and social networks. The elite features of the Business package make it bit expensive at $12.95 for two years.


HostUpon provides a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% which your website would be available online all the time. Its giant network is monitored closely 24/7/365 by dedicated staff. It also offers 30 day money back guarantee which could compel the users to try its services for a couple of weeks and take a measure of its services themselves.

Ease of Use

HostUpon is extremely user friendly and could be easily operated by the newcomers. The tools for developing the website are listed in a very descriptive manner and its support staff provides all the relevant information to make the webhosting more happening and engaging. It works in graphic based system which posses labeled icons and options are available in an intuitive manner which doesn’t confuse the user.


HostUpon services are comparatively low priced than the other web hosting service providers. HostUpon also provides discount coupons to its user from time to time which makes its services extremely cheaper. Just under $10 HostUpon gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its service.

It would be wise for the prospective customers ‘not to be tempted’ by the extremely competitive rather low pricing and money back guarantee. HostUpon isn’t as upbeat in its services as it may sound. Many users had complained about its poor performance and its unusually slow process for cancellation and refund.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is an American company that deals with various technology services and presently it is into the business of domain name registration. The company was founded in 1979 and presently it is managing nearly 7 million domain names. The company is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, US and the company’s CEO is Tim Kelly. The company has multiple interests like web hosting, website design, e-commerce, Search Engine Marketing, SSL certificates etc.

Ease of use

You can avail a wide range of useful features with your sign up. You can built your own website using Do-It-Myself Website plan and then you can get Custom Website that is powered by for hosting, custom page design and mobile website. They also have lead generation programs to increase traffic in a site. It helps in promotional activities through the net like marketing through SEO.You will be provided with a many library tools like PHP for web development, Joomla for CMS, Drupal and many more open source apps.

Plans and the features offered

Their hosting programs are modified according to the customers’ necessity. Their web hosting plan comes for a 1 year term. They provide easy to use website builder to develop the website and also to design it. They have a very easy File Transfer Protocol to upload files, images and other contents onto the web. You website will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and you will be provided with a 300GB storage space. If you are willing to safeguard the commercial aspect of the venture with a proper marketing scheme, you can go for the second option, the web hosting and marketing plan. If you choose this program, you will get advertisement support from Google Adword, Yahoo! and Bing. Your business profile can be accessed by your customers through dozens of search engines.

The third plan is for Hosting, Marketing and Store support which is useful in case of an e-commerce site and if you are planning to sell products or service on your website. You can create offers and publicize it over the net and you can accept credit cards from customers for online transaction.


The web hosting plan costs $9.96 per month with a 1 year term. If you want your plan to include marketing facilities as well, your plan will be charged $17.64 per month. The all-inclusive plan with Hosting, Marketing and store support comes at a price tag of $25.97 per month.


FatCow Hosting Review

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FatCow was first launched in order to bring a change in the web hosting and it wanted to simplify the plans and make it easy for the customers to choose a plan of their choice. They tried to develop a more customer friendly approach by avoiding confusing pricing schemes.FatCow was started in the year 1998 and they have climbed the ladder by providing best value and customer service to small business owners. In order to get your small business successfully on the website they specialises in a one plan one price philosophy.

Ease of use and features

FatCow as a web hosting service provider provides a wide range of service to facilitate their customers on their internet venture. They have special wizards to add open source apps to the website. If you are planning to launch an e-store for your business where you can sell your product online, they can help you with E-Store builder that is a special website setup from ShopSite. There are ample site templates to design the perfect website.

The only plan on which FatCow sticks to is the Original FatCow Plan for simply smart web hosting. Their plan includes ample disk space and ample bandwidth. They have all the user friendly site creation tools to help design the website. They have interfaces where you can implement drag and drop option to design your website. Under the same package you can also install Blogs and Forums easily. They also have domain service where you can have a considerable number of domain access which shall be sufficient for a small business.

Bonus features and Pricing

They also provide efficient marketing support through Free Google and Yahoo! Advertising.Bonus features included in every FatCow plan consists of the following:

  • $100 bonus on Google Adwords, which is a very popular advertisement host.
  • $50 search credit from Yahoo! and Bing combined.
  • $50 Advertisement credit on Facebook.
  • 1GB of cloud storage free from JustCloud.
  • To design a quality website, you can access all the blogging Tools from WordPress.
  • For quality SEO and content management support, you can get help from Joomla.
  • A new blessing from Nextiva enables you to have a free Toll-free Phone Number.

Theses help fulfil the commercial viability of the website and help gain more traffic. You can also enjoy unlimited mailboxes for complete email storage assistance.They are presently offering their services at just $40 for a year which is after a 67% discount.

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1&1 Hosting

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1&1 was initially started in 19898 under the name BTX where it was hired by T-com (a part of T-mobiles) which was in a critical condition. The company decided to take a risk and launched a major advertisement for a website. The ads simplified the technology and were an instant hit. This led to the formation of a standalone company called T-Online. Though it started off under T-Mobile, the company soon started to branch out and expand its bases to all over the world. The first expansion was made to UK, London from where 1&1 grew to become a multi-national company.

Services Offered

1&1 offers an array of services to suit every need of the consumer. With various different plans and offered, it is one of the most recognized names in hosting, domain registration and website creation. With 19 million domains and over 70,000 servers operating all over the world, 1&1 has the perfect tools for hosting personal businesses and the support and resources to help your business grow and prosper.

Hosting Plans

The website offers unlimited hosting plans providing options for hosting unlimited websites, allows unlimited traffic and provides unlimited storage space which is an added bonus for people looking to promote their websites to reach a greater demographic. The packages also provide options for launching websites quickly within hours, apps, FTP accounts and design software. A package also includes free domain, free registration of private businesses and 100 email addresses that can be linked to the website.

Customer Support

1&1 provides a toll free 24*7 phone lines for any assistance. The website can also be contacted via email; however the basic grievances are covered under an extensive manual on the nooks and crannies of the entire website through the 1&1 Help Center.


With 19 million domains and years of expertise to their credit, you can easily count on the reliability of the website. Additionally, 99.9% pay back is guaranteed and the data is stored on two different servers as a precaution.


The Plans are priced differently. From a mere $0.99 per month for 12 month cycles in the Unlimited hosting plan followed by $7.99 per month. The monthly plan is priced at $8.99. With a basic amount, you can be secure in the thought that your website gets the visibility it deserves. The plans also include a host of free advantages.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, 1&1 has the perfect means for helping small businesses grow. Through a host of different services, 1&1 can provide the right tools for the growth of your business.

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BlueHost is an esteemed web hosting service provider that operates from Utah, USA. It is not long since BlueHost joined the web hosting business, but in a very short period of time it gained enough popularity. It was founded in the year 2003 and till now it has more than 2 million satisfied clients whose website is hosted and registered by BlueHost. They have a 50,000 square foot establishment as their head office which has an excellent infrastructure and an impressive interior decoration.


BlueHost provides quality customer support from trained staffs and they also provide a 100% in-house service, for which they have a specialized team. They never involve a third party for their services and every part of the service is owned and controlled by the company and nothing is outsourced. They have their own data centers and optical fibers to ensure quality connection and the data servers are set over a large 20,000 square feet space and even the OS they use for the hosting service is a custom Linux Kernel that runs on their self-designed server.

Hosting Plans

The only type of hosting provided by BlueHost is Linux Hosting. They mainly have two primary hosting plans- low cost share hosting and the other is reseller hosting. The various other plans are secondary and can be classified under these two. The best web hosting plan, which is actually the low cost one, offers unlimited domains, bandwidth, hosting space and e-mail accounts. This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee that is very useful for new clients with who lack big budgets.

The Powerful Reseller Hosting package is actually for corporates and big business and it offers unlimited domains with WHMCS that is powered with WHM, cPanel and Plesk. They also have a next generation VPS hosting plan that offers advanced SAN based storage. This package comes with a fully managed support system that will be provided by Bluehost directly. Next Generation VPS posting is all about having your own virtual private server that implements cloud technology and thus increases your flexibility and control.


Bluehost provides quality web hosting services starting at $3.95 per month. They have also got optimised hosting for WordPress which provides easy web designing features and assures that the service is fast, secure and simple. If you are going to take this package, this is going to cost you $12.9 for the first month.


This baby works like a dream on a wide variety of mobile and PC platforms. On signing up you get encryption out of the box, a generous 25GB of storage and no ads to distract and irritate you. Not to mention a list of rather funky domain names the sort Santa might have forgotten on your porch from which you can pick and choose from. All in all, when you are looking to replace your Gmail account, Hushmail clearly got your back.