Best cPanel Web Hosting in Canada

Before Jumping into the different hosts, though, a definition is certainly in order. A cPanel is an all-in-one hub that offers a surprising amount of power, without overwhelming newbies.

Its interface is reminiscent of a clean, icon-based layout for controlling your site, making it an entirely intuitive experience. Most people often confuse cPanel for a simple shortening for “control panel”.

Why cPanel? The Fundamentals of cPanel
While this is true, cPanel is an actual product. Its ease of use sets it apart from the best control panel for web hosting. Simply put, cPanel is the best way to manage your site under the hood.

It operates on Linux, meaning most servers can run it, offers an abundance of power, wraps the entire suite up in an easy-to-use interface and if you need some extra help we made a cPanel beginner guide for you.

If you haven't yet checked out our main reviews of the best web hosting services for Canadians, please do before reading this guide.
Thexyz is an exceptional beast, a hidden gem in the web hosting market - and one we were lucky to discover years ago. It has an unmatched commitment to innovation making it the crème de la crème cPanel hosting provider for small businesses.

In fact, many business owners argue it's the best option out there for cPanel hosting services. Granted it is a bit more expensive than some of the other cPanel hosting providers, but it’s worth every single penny.

The concept of using the Internet to disseminate information can sometimes bring with it an immense number of risks.

With Thexyz, you can rest assured that you'll have great security whenever you're navigating through your site.

Every host probably raves about being extremely fast and that's fine if true. But let’s shoot straight - unless you think that they are anything more than sneaky salesmen, some claims are not worth the paper they're written on.

In fact, most claims are just that: claims. Well, Thexyz realizes that you don't need any holdups in growing your subscription list so they ensure that you enjoy remarkable speeds (and uptime) around the clock.

If Thexyz wasn't half as good with customer support, they probably wouldn't have received multiple customer support awards over the years. From being exceptionally fast at troubleshooting technical issues to helping resolve the issue promptly, pretty much everything is fine-tuned to ensure smooth running.

Other than just being prompt, however, their support staff are also super friendly too. So, you'll always feel like you're chatting with a friend. The only difference is that this friend actually cares about you optimizing your site's capabilities just as much as you do.

A good cPanel host has very little downtime. Reliability often gets overlooked but it can cause your business major issues.

I am not saying that you’re completely off the hook in as far as downtime goes, but Thexyz ensures that you get advanced notice on those times that your site does experience downtime.

2. JustHost

JustHost is yet another great cPanel hosting provider. If you're not a big fun of Thexyz, JustHost is another solid choice. It features a more honest look at cPanel, niggling around very little with the envisioned design.

The design collates a ton of information in a small space without being too overwhelming which is quite a feat. In spite of the slightly clunky process, JustHost review shows us that they have an excellent implementation of cPanel.

And the best part: it performs well in Canada. In fact, I'd say it performs remarkably well, considering it costs less than JustHost, meaning you will be paying a lower price for essentially all the same features and benefits you'll get with JustHost.

And, to ensure that you never have to worry about whether your site displays correctly, A2 Hosting has ensured that your site comes hosted on ultra-reliable servers.


I get it. You are probably wondering what ’gators have to do with cPanel hosting. I wish I had an answer...

But while we're here, let's see what HostGator could possibly have to offer when it comes to cPanel hosting. For starters, it's the host choice for thousands of online businesses and blogs.

Making it undoubtedly the next best option. We particularly like this host because it provides excellent uptime reliability and all for a considerably low price.

It’s also easily scalable and has an extremely reliable support team that's always willing to help when you are experiencing problems.

HostGator has invested massive resources in making cPanel even better. It features a unique, proprietary design on cPanel using the interface we know and love, and revamping it. It is certainly one of the best in this league taking an already super-duper design and upscaling it.

The cPanel interface is pretty much similar to any other cPanel. It has sections stacked upon each other featuring great icons strategically placed for various options.

What's cool about HostGator though, is that they feature a search bar above the cPanel and another search bar on the top side of the whole page, where you can search HostGator's knowledge base if you can't find what you're looking for. It is a small tweak, yes, but one that makes HostGator's cPanel more user-friendly than other cPanel hosts.

Another element we like a lot about HG's cPanel is that they link to MOJO marketplace, featuring a section set on the left-side options allowing you to navigate to the marketplace without necessarily opening another tab.

This feature allows you to browse products such as themes and plugins within your cPanel.

WP Engine

We will reiterate that finding a great cPanel hosting provider is the key to optimizing your site’s capabilities.

Well, WP Engine is yet another amazing host to help you achieve all your site’s goals. If you're looking for a more cost-effective and affordable host, WP Engine is definitely not that cheap, but it is the market leader when it comes to cPanel hosting.

Plus, it is the fastest hosting company in Canada,bar none. WP Engine also has real-time threat detection which actively blocks any threats just in case your site gets hacked if it ever gets hacked.

So while it’s not the cheapest in town, the price tag is warranted considering all you’ll get. Plus, it also boasts remarkable speeds and all-time uptime unless, of course, the company has communicated otherwise.


If you're looking for a cost-effective cPanel host, HostPapa is one of the best options available.

It's a bit offshoot compared to some of the other hosts we've mentioned but it's not terrible either. It ensures that there is absolutely no downtime when it matters most.

This host also provides expert support in case anything goes wrong or in case there's a scheduled downtime to help make things run smoothly.

In addition, it provides domain privacy protection to ensure that your information is kept safe and sound.


Based in Barrie, Canada, Driond has been providing cPanel hosting services for about a decade now.

With so much experience, you can rest assured that you are essentially getting reliable service from a host that is practically good at their game.

This host provides 24/7 expert customer support to ensure that you're covered at all times and has data centers in the US, Canada, Finland, and the UK which means faster loading speeds.

Plus, it’s also remarkably cheap.

If you don’t want to lose face with your customers because of downtime, then uptime reliability should definitely be in the cards when you’re choosing a cPanel hosting provider.

Next, you'll need to consider support. Support is ideal here because while you may have contracted the best host in town, you can't really control the eventualities of problems cropping up every now and then. However, if the cPanel host provider has a great support team, you are assured that you'll get assistance whenever you need it.

It pretty clear that cPanel hosts cost a pretty penny. And if you're on a budget, you might not be willing to pay as much as most of the providers demand. As such, you'll look for the cheapest option around.

However, while you might save a buck or two, you also might have to contend with network issues and vulnerability to breaches and spam. As they say, you get what you pay for. To ensure that you get quality service and still stay within your means we included some not-so-very-expensive hosts as well. That way, it will still be a win-win situation for you.

How to Use WordPress Form Email Notifications

Customizing Your Email Message Using HTML

To format your message, click the “carrots” icon to change the rich text editor into an HTML editor.  Doing so will give you the ability to create headers, add lists, apply tables, and much much more. For more information check out our article, on Customizing your Gravity Forms Email.

Exporting WordPress Form Submissions

Send submissions by enabling the Attach CSV toggle switch.  Doing so will attach the latest submitted entry in a CSV format.

Add Multiple Email Actions

By default, each Gravity Forms template includes an Admin Email action.  You are not limited to this one action though.  You can add as many email actions to your WordPress form as needed.  To add additional actions click the plus sign on the bottom-right and select Email.
Doing so will add additional email actions to your form that can then be customized to your heart’s content.

When used in combination with the Conditional Logic add-on, you can create actions that will trigger when certain conditions are met.

Add Uploaded Files to Your Email

To attach file uploads to your email action, add the File Uploads field to your form ( must have the File Uploads add-on ) then, Publish and refresh.  Open the email action and look under the Advanced drop-down and you should now see an option to toggle your file upload on or off.

Attach Submissions as PDFs Instead of CSVs

The PDF Form Submissions add-on comes with a feature that gives you the option to attach submissions as PDFs.  Once the add-on is installed and activated head over to your email action, open the Advanced dropdown, and toggle on the Attach PDF button. For more information check out our article, on Exporting your PDF with WordPress.

Create Conditional Emails

Once the Conditional Logic add-on is installed and activated it triggers conditional settings to appear for all email actions. These settings allow you to build queries that are then applied once the selected condition has been met. 

Sending Ebooks

One way of sending an ebook can be done through the attachments field for your email action.  To add an attachment from your WordPress media library open the Advanced dropdown and click on the Attachment icon.  Doing so will add the attachment to your email notification.

HTML Format is the Preferred Format

Most modern email clients use and prefer HTML messages over Plain Text that is why our default format is set to HTML. 

Resend Your Email Action

Our WordPress form builder now comes with the ability to resend emails. To try this out, go to Gravity Forms > Submissions > select a form > select an entry > open the Bulk Actions dropdown and pick Trigger Email Action.
All email actions associated with that entry will appear. Open the Select the Email Action dropdown and choose the email action you wish to resend followed by clicking the blue Resend Email button.
This is a great tool if you need to resend an email or troubleshoot a submission issue.

Every Email Action Needs 3 Things

At the bare minimum every email action should include the following;  a valid email address in the To field, text in the Subject line ( avoid all caps ), and text in the email message. Without these, your email is sure to fail.

Gmail Does Not Honor the Reply-To

When Gmail is not honoring the Reply-To field consider adding the From Address ( Email action > Advanced ) instead. If you are using your forms for business, then it will be worth 

If From Address is Blank

By default, if the From Address is left blank it will use the WordPress Admin email.  If you are seeing your administrator’s email address in the FROM field of your emails, this is why. To resolve, include an entry in the From Address field.  If the issue persists after doing so edit the Administers Email.

Deliverability Problems?

The From Address, BCC, and CC settings can cause deliverability problems. Only use them if you are already familiar with what you’re doing, and already know how to avoid these issues

Send All Submission Data Even HTML Fields

To include submission data for all fields including HTML replace the {fields_table} merge tag  with the {all_fields_table} merge tag in your email message field.

Email Errors

When you see, “Your email action [action name] has an invalid value for the [setting name] setting. Please check this setting and try again. when the WordPress Form is Submitted” error.  Re-Check the address you have entered into these fields, oftentimes, the email address entered does not exist.

Believe it or Not PHP Versions Make a Difference When it Comes to Email.

To make sure you are running the most up-to-date version go to Gravity Forms > Get Help and look for PHP Version. If you are running anything below version 7.4.1, contact your hosting provider about upgrading your version of PHP.

Are Your WordPress Form Emails failing?

If your form emails are failing, consider using an SMTP plugin.  SMTP plugins pass the email data off to the plugin instead of your host.

Hosts are Responsible for Email

90% of problems stem from the web host actually sending the email. If you have set up your email action correctly and enabled an SMTP plugin and your emails are still not getting through, contact your hosting provider for further guidance as Gravity Forms does not send an email, hosts do.

Email Troubleshooting Plugins

My favorite free email troubleshooting plugins are Email Log and WP Mail Logging. Both plugins assist you with debugging email-related problems.  If you rather not have to worry about troubleshooting  WPForms takes over the responsibility of sending all outgoing mail from the WordPress website.  If you are having issues with the Gravity Forms email, installing WPForms is all you need to do.