Just because they offer web hosting services, does not mean you should use them.
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The first thing to know about Godaddy is they are firstly not a hosting provider. They started out as domain registry and have become the most successful domain name registrar. The web hosting should be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to wait around for task that happen instantly with other hosting providers. It is puzzling why Godaddy does not invest more in their hosting, they have millions of customers already. That brings us to our next issue with Godaddy, slow server speeds. As if it is not enough to wait around the undertake tasks and run through hoops just to login. Godaddy shared servers are overloaded and usually very slow.


We found multiple security vulnerabilities on Godaddy servers. Mostly stemming from Godaddy using outdated software. There were also holes in support policies that made it quite easy to perform a social engineering hack on Godaddy users. This allows a hacker full root access by pretending to be the account owner.

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Terrible company

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It wasn't user friendly from the start so I stopped using it after 2 months. it was too frustrating. And what happened after one year was, they auto renewed it for me. And had me going around in circles, and after that, tell me th at it was past the 30days refund policy, and they couldn't refund it anymore, when I didn't even want the website anymore after 2 months. Now you know why their profits keep growing? When more people use, and after they have stopped, and Godaddy just helps them auto-renew without consent, they treat silence as consent, but sometimes people miss the email. How can they make the default decision? Yes, go daddy might be good for some people, but the way they work to grab more profits just reflects badly on the company culture and it makes me very disappointed. I have learnt to be more stringent with all these approvals. Thank you godaddy, for teaching me this lesson. Well, I go to college and i pay for it, I come here and I also pay for it. But you can be sure that, I wouldn't pay for it again, and I'll make sure none of my friends will be part of your quarterly profits. Thank you.

Not a good place to host

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I'm a web designer by trade and that means I use a lot of hosting co. to get the job done. I had heard awful things about Godaddy from other people in my field but hadn't done any biz with them recently. I can say this with no emotion attached: Dealing with their support staff was THE worst and most unhelpful experience I have had in 15 years of IT and web design. I don't feel like I can drive it home enough with standard English, it was almost... cartoonishly bad. To the point where I felt like the support rep I was working with wanted this to be an awful, unhelpful, pointless, experience for the both of us. I should mention that after a 1.5 hour on a chat line NOTHING was accomplished. And that this entire experience could have been avoided if the rep would have looked up my account at the start of the interaction. Oh and I should also mention that while all of this is going on the tasteless up-sale pitches are flying in fast and furious. I find it somewhat ludicrous to think someone would increase their service package with these clowns after the veil is lifted and you see how dysfunctional working with them is first hand. And the risk of discerning my review DreamHost who I deal with on most of my project is prompt helpful and polite and use real English to help me solve my IT problems quickly and permanently. Avoid at all costs, if you have a client that is using them tell them to change providers.

Stay away

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So I called their support line for some help trying to figure out how to use their convoluted controls, mistake 1. The guy on the phone was helpful and nice, and was looking at the information on my domain we were working on. Then about 3 minutes later I get a notice that they auto charged my paypal account for 10$. So I called back thinking there was a mistake and the guy charged me a second time for hosting we were setting it up and I had already paid for once. And I come to find out NOPE they charged me for having the wrong whois information. So I talk with the support guy for a while trying to figure out what I need to do to have these ridiculous charges reversed. We go round and round about 10 minutes and he says let me transfer you to billing. Then some guy picks up and says hello, in his friendly chunky dory voice. By this time I livid with the nerve of these people. Not that I give two shits about 10 bucks but the nerve to treat their customers like complete and total shit. So we talk and basically he says it's impossible to reverse the charge. Now realize this, GoDaddy pays about 32$ per new customer from the estimates I've heard. Not sure if they're correct of not but I've heard it on multiple occasions multiple time, so who know. Now if they were a decent company I have about 20 domains and hosting with them you'd think they'd want to treat their customers right so they come back for more. Nah they try to fuck them in the ass. These fuckers have the nerve to charge me 10$ for not having proper information in the whois of my domain. Now we all know how flawed of a system the whois system is. It exposes personal information and makes you a target, especially if you have high value domains. If people know you have money you become a target. If you're looking to buy domains or hosting GO FAR AWAY FROM GODADDY!