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Node.js is a leading-edge event-driven system, which is used to set up scalable web apps. It is built with the Google V8 JavaScript engine and it handles HTTP requests and responses between a server and an immense number of online users much more efficiently than any conventional platform. What makes Node.js unique is the fact that in difference between traditional platforms that handle the info in giant hunks, it handles everything in little bits. For instance, when a user needs to fill in several fields on an Internet site, Node.js processes the info from the first field as soon as it’s entered, utilizing the server’s processing resources more efficiently. In comparison, conventional platforms wait for all the fields to be filled and while the info from them is being processed, requests from other users remain in the queue. The difference may be negligible for a single person, but it absolutely does make a difference when a large number of individuals are navigating a site at the very same time. Several instances of sites where Node.js can be applied are dinner booking portals, web-based chat rooms or interactive browser-based game portals, in other words sites that need quick real-time interaction.

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