We found serious security and compliance violations with OWNCUBE. This hosting provider should be avoided at all costs.
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Hosting Plans

Owncube is a new hosting company that seems to offer many different features such as its own social networking site amongst other things. The servers packages are pretty good deals for the money but they are stripped of features that you would expect in an a WHM or cpanel environment.

The 24/7 support is also a bit odd as we tested it a few times, always got a response from the same person who should take course in customer service. Sometimes response time will vary from 12 hours to 36 hours. ‎As the person managing support is in Germany and not available during US business hours. The support at Owncube is actually shocking, I don’t think I have dealt with such an unprofessional business in all my years on this planet. Because they are new and their support ticketing system has a few bugs, I once received a response that they were going to suspend my account for contacting support multiple times. Another time we were extorted to pay $75 otherwise service would be cancelled.

Due to Owncube policy and lack of transparency, Owncube does not give permission to publish responses from tickets. I really wish you could see for yourself how bad they are at understanding how servers work. They litterally just make stuff as the cause of the problem. This forum post at ownCloud.org also mentions similar troubles.

Another thing we noticed with Owncube is they would often great issues. Not renewing a cPanel license was a recurring problem. Even after paying Owncube for the license, it would regularly expire. I would email them and response times would get longer and longer. Sometimes the response would be. “we will response within your SLA.”

The SLA response kept changing, and getting longer, unless you pay more money of course. Even after paying extra for something that was originally included in your contract, it did not fix the problem.

Abrasive Support

The responses you get from Owncube are hilarious. I tested the server and found many issues. The response was shocking.

We have noticed that over the 6 weeks or so we have been receiving a lot errors regarding etags when using the sync client. This is for numerous folders, and they have different sync accounts. Things were working pretty well prior to this.

Some research shows me that there is potential that changes to Apache could have caused this.

The reply was confusing, shocking…

please explain your issue. Etag errors are not related to the service, they can cause because of different things and are no fatal errors

Here is another user’s concerns about Owncube that seem to be common with what I found from testing the service:

I also noticed them changing the rules just after the support tickets. It was so annoying because you expected help and then they told you that they do not support something that was supported a couple of hours ago. Nothing is codified and no information about the features and rules is available to the user.

I just talked to one of those friends I mentioned above and we laughed at how Sandra Wedl, the support person, insisted that he “was the ONLY ONE having problems while THOUSANDS of other users are happy with the service” (again, capitalization is theirs). It sounds even more pathetic when you see those blog comments and forum posts complaining about them.

edit: Now that I see the company’s CEO is also like this, it seems they are just some lowly opportunists, far away from Open Source ideals. They are not worth any potential user’s attention.

Here is an email thread I had with owner of Owncube…


i checked the SLA in ticket #300631 – Server down

and i dont find ANY reply that was longer than your ordered SLA 24h business days/hours MO-TH 08-17 and FR 08-12. all answers where done within this ordered SLA, so there is nothing shocking on our end, or where do you see support is delay with replies longer than your ordered SLA ? i dont see it.

Am 23.12.2016 um 20:54 schrieb OwnCube management:


please dont contact me on my private email, i am not a supporter and i see your ticket about one account that is having a issue is in progress and our technicals are checking this. I see all other acounts are fixed since a while and i dont see ANY account down for WEEKS as you wrote. Also we handle your request within your privateSLA with low prio because its not a business usage account.

Have great christmas


Friedrich Stagl

Am 23.12.2016 um 20:15 schrieb:



I just wanted to point out that the support on owncube.com is shocking. Been down for a number of weeks and support have stopped replying to tickets.

What does Twitter say?

As you can see from Twitter, there are serious issues at Owncube. It is also concerning to see how Nextcloud actually recommends this company. Many issues stem from Owncube not renewing services that are essential to their operation or spam reports. It seems Owncube is popular with spammers! What a surprise. Another surprise, Owncube recently annonced they were closing their Twitter, or just no longer replying to customers on Twitter.

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Criminal Operation

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Everything about Owncube is criminal.

Owncube customer support problems

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I just wanted to share my experience with owncube as well. And on the technical side it's been a mixed bag with several services not working every once in a while over about three years now I've been with them. But then I don't have any critical infrastructure needs and also use Spideroak, so I can live with that. Support has been terrible though. As others have reported here I got repeatedly shouted at, even insulted for being an idiot and even deliberately sabotaging (!!!) their infrastructure. However, when my cloud was down again today and I contacted support, Sandra (she indeed seems to be the only support person) got back to me immediately and was very nice and apologised with a brief technical explanation as to why my owncloud is down and that it will be back up shortly. So perhaps this is the beginning of a new era? 😆 Also I must say I'm not too confident in their business practises either. They keep sending out promotional offers such as lifetime this or lifetime that for a few hundred Euros, claiming they can only offer this to select customers because their growing so fast and bla bla. But then I don't really see an alternative to owncube? Most owncloud hosting I come across is tailored for large(ish) businesses, while I'm a single self employed person in the creative field. And webhosting incl. owncloud with 4TB of storage for 12 Euros a month is hard to beat. Also my server is in the Netherlands, which is pretty cool too. Are there any alternatives really?

Dataloss after outage

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Same experience here. Rude customer support, and no help whatsoever even after requesting to get additional paid support, OwnCube simply sat back and did not care at all. Two times data loss, claims of 'flooding' the server, being the single and only customer with these type of issues... Would certainly not at all recommend the service.