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Why you need to backup your website

If your website disappeared overnight, without a trace, what would you do? Do you have a secure backup you could use to restore the service? For a lot of people, backing up their website is a secondary consideration. They put faith in their hosting provider that their site is going to be safe. But it’s not always the case. Servers sometimes fail. Hackers with bad intentions can also wreak havoc. Or maybe you have a dispute with your web developer. These are all great  reasons to make sure that you have your website well and truly backed up and stored somewhere safe. If you’re doing a project with TweakDortks we want to make sure that you have a full backup of your website before your project is put into the marketplace. That’s why we ask you the question: “Do you have a secure copy of your website?” If you don’t have a secure backup of your website, we’re happy to do it for you. If you want to do it yourself here are some tips to get you started:

Three tips for keeping a backup of your website

1. Keep your backups up to date

While having an out of date backup of your website is better than no backup, it can still be painful having lost a lot of work. The more frequently you backup your website the easier it will be to restore your site if it goes down.

2. Store your backups separate to your main website

Storing your backups on the same server as your website is going to cause issues. Instead you can transfer it to your computer, onto a hard drive or use a service like ownCloud. If you want to be thorough with it, store a copy in all three places.

 3. Backup everything

WordPress has a built in function to export your content out of your website. But don’t be fooled – this doesn’t include any file uploads you’ve done (like images on your posts) and won’t include your theme files. This is particularly important if you’ve been tweaking your website. Things you want to backup:
  1. WordPress Plugins
  2. Your WordPress Themes
  3. All Images and Files
  4. WordPress database
Backing up your website doesn’t need to be difficult, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you do it. Thexyz have just rolled out a new feature that allows you to choose between managing your backups yourself or getting TweakDorks to do it for you. At the end of the day we want to ensure you’ve always got a copy of your data, and for some people the easiest way to get that done properly is to outsource it to TweakDorks.

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