Phpfox Solutions

When it comes to hosting phpFox you need to make sure you have a good web hosting provider. The software is very heavy on server resources and therefore requires a good server. When you come across phpFox Solutions who specialise in phpFox hosting you expect you are going to get a good web hosting package geared towards hosting the phpfox script. This is however not the case, phpFox solutions does not even have out access to the database that is required to run the software.

This makes updates to phpFox difficult and risky as you are often reminded to keep your database updated and backed up. From time to time you may need to perform tasks on the database.

I am not sure how they call them the solution to hosting a phpFox site when they do not offer what is needed to manage it.

You ate best of using a web host that allows database access so you can manage the site without the riak of losing everything after an update.

When we used them with phpFox we found Phpfox Solutions to be highly problematic and unable to assist when things when wrong. Save yourself the trouble and go with any other other hosting provider.


Rackspace have a great track record for reliability on their fully managed cloud server infrastructure. They are not cheap but you can opt for a pay as go model which charges based on usage per hour. This make rackspace a great choice for sites that experience sharp peaks in traffic and therefore load. The pay as you cloud model can save you a lot in running multiple servers and load balancer’s.

The support at Rackspace is exceptional, they are a large company located in the United States. They have trade marked the term, “fanatical support” and that is exactly the vide you get from the team at Rackspace.

They have been in business since and continue to grow.

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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Review

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Inmotion has been a major player in the web hosting service business and it has been for quite a long time. Inmotion has many customers who have been using their services for over a decade and are very satisfied with their customer support and features. They provide all kind of hosting plans and this increases the options for the customers. They have Reseller hosting services and at the same time they also provide VPS and dedicated servers to big businesses. Thus it can provide to both personal and business oriented necessities.

Ease of use

They have one of the best website transfers for all kind of files. They have a very supportive customer assistance team to provide all time customer support. They have been well acclaimed for their services and have received a lot of compliments. They have a 100% industry guarantee policy that assures that their plans are worth. They have a commitment to open source applications that facilitates web development like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. This makes the web building process easier. They have very flexible plans and can easily adapt to your growing business demands. They provide the best possible technological support to narrow down all possibilities of errors or problem in services like smart routing technology and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Plans and features

They have Business hosting plans with SSDs that enables better storage and security. They have three schemes under business hosting and they are- Launch, Power and Pro. All these schemes have unlimited disk space and monthly transfer.The Launch plan provides 2 MySQL and Postgre Databases, Power provides 50 but Pro offers unlimited databases. There is no restriction on Site Transfer. Both Add-on domains and Parked domains are provided without any limit in the Pro but they are limited in the other two lower tier plans.

They have three VPS hosting plans- VPS 1000S, 2000s and the VPS 3000S. The best value plan is the VPS 2000S plan. Reseller hosting comes as R-1000S, R-2000S and the R-3000S packages. For reseller hosting, there is proper SMTP support for secure email they have both POP3 and secure IMAP. The R-2000S is suggested for small businesses. Big corporate houses can have their own dedicated server also from


Reseller hosting vary from $13.99 per month to $27.49 per month. Business hosting plans are comparatively cheaper at $4.89, $6.29 and $10.49 per month for the respective schemes as mentioned above. The VPS are way costlier, starting at $29.99 per month and comes with a 90 days money back policy also.

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Customer Reviews

This is what our users think of InMotion

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This web hosting company was founded by Rodney Giles in the fall of 2003 inside a Starbucks coffee shop. has since grown to host over a hundred thousand websites. They are great as a low cost shared hosting provider and provide 24/7 support. One thing they do not offer is uptime monitoring, Eleven2 cannot guarantee 99.9% server uptime, but they do guarantee 99.9% network uptime in any given calendar month, for all VPS, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Eleven2 came into being as a dedicated web hosting solutions providing company in 2004. Eleven2 is known for continuously improving its services in order to meet the requirements of the clients and it essentially focuses on providing the best web hosting services to its clients all over the world. Eleven2 reportedly have more than 60,000 customers and websites which are running successfully in more than 120 countries.

Hosting Plans

Eleven2 only provide hosts in the Linux based platform. Its hosting includes different of services like web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS servers as well as dedicated servers. Eleven2 also provides multiple kinds of hosting plans to its customers. You could get your personal or business websites up and running with its full featured plan with 250 GB of disk storage space. The reseller account gives you much more functionalities and features than any other such as unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases etc. The reseller account would allow you to get into the hosting business and find the interested clients who wish to use these services. The dedicated plan gives you the opportunity to make full use of a single server or a part of a server.


Eleven2 is an extremely web hosting service provider with a guaranteed up time of 99.9% all the time. Eleven2 have a giant network of data centers across the various important points on the globe like London, California, Chicago, Singapore etc. which helps in providing uninterrupted and seamless service to its customers. It also provides additional security with dedicated IP address and SSL certificates.

Ease of Use

Eleven2 provides a beautiful control panel which makes the managing of hosted websites easier and simpler. It also gives free website transfer wherein its technicians transfer your entire website over to the Eleven2 network, free of charge. Its control panel is based on cPanel which provides clearly labeled icons and user friendly interface making the uploading of new files and managing domains like piece of cake.


Eleven2 gives one of the most competitive prices for hosting which is as low as $4.95 per month. Its exclusive reseller web hosting plan is priced at $13.97 per month. While the premium web hosting services like the VPS server or Dedicated server comes at a hefty price of $44.08 and $199 per month respectively.

Eleven2 has a wide number hosting plans and you will get one fitting your requirements and needs. Eleven had crafted a name for itself with its low priced hosting plans complemented with marvelous customer support system.

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Customer Reviews

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These guys have done a great job of marketing just about every software script out there and also offering the vendor a generous commission. When this happens there is not enough money spent on the support and development of the hosting provider and service suffers. Alike Godaddy, Arvixe servers are bogged down and over loaded. The support is also lacking when a user requires assistance. It is surprising they have done so well in shmoosing all those software vendors over to use them as a recommended host when they are in fact awful. When you look at the commissions you get when promoting them it is not hard to reason why.

phpFox is a perfect example of this, for years they were the number one recommended hosting provider when the can barely meet the minimum requirements. Why did phpFox allow this? Because of the low cost and commissions they would make.

We signed up to affiliate platform just to see and for every user we refer from this link: earns us a whooping $70!

We also wrote a blog on this tactic over here: Why Your Software Vendor May Not Be Great For Recommending Hosts

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The Role Of Your Web Hosting Provider

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Chicago Dedicated Server ChicagoDedi provides Dedicated Server and VPS hosting service in Chicago with fully-functional server up and running as quickly as possible. 24/7 Support!

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Thexyz Premium Email

When it comes to email, a critical flaw is reliability, and business users know the problems that can occur when email goes down.

When we tested Thexyz Webmail not only did it win our best email client award, we actually switched our email over to them as we were so impressed.

Business users also like to know that email is backed up in numerous places. Thexyz is FISMA compliant and perfect for government use as it can cut costs and save tax payers a lot of money. The archiving also backs up every incoming and outgoing email, forever. There is also a great search feature so you don’t need to worry about not being able to find an old email.

We found the calendar features really good and made shared calendars with our team members, appointments with third parties and recurring events. The managed of calendars integrated great with all our smart phones. Recipients of calendar events were also able to notify the sender with a response to whether or not they are going. One of the best aspects of the calendar, is the seamless integration between the desktop (Outlook), webmail and phone.

Another great feature to Thexyz Premium email is the instant push email notifications. Any iPhone or even Android user will know that they will have to refresh the email program to check for new messages. Thexyz Premium email, even without the exchange package has Microsofts ActiveSync technology built into it this means that you can get your email pushed to you like a text message.

External accounts were also nice and easy to add to the account. For example if you also have a gmail account that does not support ActiveSync, you can add the account the Thexyz and it will also pull emails from that platform too. It supports multiple external emails accounts which can further be divided into separate folder for easy referencing and organising.

The storage allotments with Thexyz Email were also more generous than any other provider we tested. For example, 50 MB attachment limits in emails! This equals around 500 jpeg images, all in one email. The webmail itself is not limited by a small amount of storage as are so many email services. With 25 GB and growing, there is plenty of space for many email attachments. This can also be increased for heavy users.

Many email users will be reluctant to switch email providers due to fact that they may have so many emails already saved. The contacts list may also be among the reason too. Thexyz recently announced a partnership with MigrationWiz, part of BitTitan and no longer handles free migration’s on site. For the modest cost of $9.99 at least you know your migration transition is handles by a professional team of experts that specialise in email migration’s.

The email compose window in many other email clients has been under a lot of scrutiny of late. No problem here as Thexyz has a great rich text editor and HTML support when composing an email.

Even comparing other similar paid email services, we could find a provider that came close to offering what Thexyz can. This is why the decision was made here at Web Hosting Dorks to switch over to them.

Thexyz Email Screenshot


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The first thing to know about Godaddy is they are firstly not a hosting provider. They started out as domain registry and have become the most successful domain name registrar. The web hosting should be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to wait around for task that happen instantly with other hosting providers. It is puzzling why Godaddy does not invest more in their hosting, they have millions of customers already. That brings us to our next issue with Godaddy, slow server speeds. As if it is not enough to wait around the undertake tasks and run through hoops just to login. Godaddy shared servers are overloaded and usually very slow.


We found multiple security vulnerabilities on Godaddy servers. Mostly stemming from Godaddy using outdated software. There were also holes in support policies that made it quite easy to perform a social engineering hack on Godaddy users. This allows a hacker full root access by pretending to be the account owner.

Customer Reviews

This is what our users think of Godaddy

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iPage is known for its attractive web hosting packages and helpful support features. iPage was founded in the year 1998 to provide an all-round web service. But for many years they stayed dormant in the eyes of the market and they re-launched in the year 2009. They were now a web hosting provider and operate under Endurance International Group. iPage has always tried their level best to handle the competition in the market on web hosting services. Like most other web hosting service providers, iPage also offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space and designing accessories like templates and apps.

Hosting Plans

The cheapest of all the hosting plans from iPage is the iPage Essential Plan. Here you can enjoy unlimited hosting space and data transfer. It also includes free domain registration and script library and all will be secured by a free SiteLock security suit. iPage also has WordPress hosting plans which has two sub schemes. The WP starter plan has core hosting and customised control panel with pre-installed themes and plugins. The WP Essential plan has all the features as the starter but it has got an additional super speed support with an enhanced security suite. If you are willing to avail a Virtual Private Server with High-Performance Hosting but here also you have three options and you can choose between Basic, Business and Optimum plans. You can also have your own dedicated server where there are different plans for Start-ups, professionals and Enterprises.

Ease of use

iPage provides excellent support to its clients and this attracts more clients. At very low price it provides SQL database and allows multiple domains. It has easy designing and features like frag and drop site builder, photo gallery setup Wizard. You can also get personalised domain name for 1 year at the cost of $14.99. One of the most attractive features is the free marketing service which is very beneficial for a commercial viewpoint.


The very basic plan or the iPage Essential plan is presently on sale at a price of $1.89 per month. The WP starter bears a price tag of $3.75 while the WP Essential bears a price tag of $6.95. The VPS’s Basic plan costs $19.99/mo after a 20% discount and goes up to 47.99/mo in case of the Business scheme and 79.99 for the Optimum. If you are looking for a dedicated server plan, it will be costly ranging from $119.99/mo to $191.pp/mo.

iPage is another pretty basic web hosting provider that does not offer industry standard features such as cPanel or cron jobs. This makes it hard to run any sort of database from iPage. The alternative control panel to cPanel that they offer is also very basic and does not allow for much customisation.

Backed up by EIG

iPage is owned by EIG or Endurance International Group. This group also manages other large web hosting companies such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, JustHost, HostMonster and Dot5hosting. As a matter of fact, EIG is the biggest web hosting company today.

So how does this information help you? Well, for one, you can be sure that iPage will surely deliver because they are backed up with a large and stable company. In addition to this, iPage will have the needful resources for it to expand and improve its services.

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Customer Reviews

This is what our users think of iPage

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Web Hosting Pad

Web Hosting Pad has been around for several years and have some great low cost deals, especially when you do a three year plan. They however a shared hosting provider so their plans do have limits. You need to make sure you do not exceed these limits as with our initial testing of Web Hosting Pad we exceed the bandwidth limit only to find our server deactivated. The best they could offer was uploading of the backup to another provider. Note, if this happens to you, make sure you ask if the new host offers a free transfer, as transferring sites from one server to another can be pretty tricky for a novice webmaster.
It has to be said other deactivating the account, the support was pretty good and responsive. They offer good deal for the money.

Thexyz Cloud

Thexyz Cloud iPhone App

Online storage is an industry forecast to grow 500% by 2012 (source: Gartner). Thexyz acquired over 1 million users during the public beta program and offers many benefits over traditional storage.

Access files from anywhere, on any device – no more e-mailing files to yourself or using USB sticks;

Data is stored in carrier grade data centers and backup up – if you lose your computer you don’t lose your files;

Work online

Thexyz provides a web portal where users can open, view and edit most common files, including Microsoft Office documents, from any computer with an Internet connection; and

Unlimited Storage

Thexyz is the only company offering unlimited storage, meaning customers will never run out of space.

The XYZ cloud APP

Best Alternative To Apple iCloud & Google Apps

When it comes to cloud synchronization of contact information, calendars and tasks, there isn’t much of a choice: Either, you’re some mid-forties sales person who’s using a Blackberry, thinking he’s still “up to date”, or you spent and ass full of money on your very own dedicated server and keep your data updated through FTP – or you give away your privacy to companies like Google or Apple and use their cloud services. At that point, you’re probably thinking “Why is there no services that allows me to sync my information without compiling a user profile out of my data – and all that free of charge?“. Well, let me tell you, there is!

Thexyz is a cloud synchronization service that takes your privacy serious. It was in beta for quite some time – actually, it looked like the next Duke Nukem Forever white iPhone 4 Spotify for iPad (okay, damn it, let’s just call it vaporware) of the contact & calendar sync universe. But not so long ago, but, wow, Thexyz indeed has been publicly available for quite some time now, but in the end of 2011/the beginning of 2012 they’ve moved to a new sync technology based on open standards. Thanks to Steve from Thexyz for the correction!

However, their basic accounts provide up to 3 devices. The Canadian company behind Thexyz also provides “Business” and “Briefcase” accounts, containing more possible devices and shares. Yet, there aren’t official statements about what’s coming, nor about when it’s coming.

The user interface is kept pretty simple and straight-forward. You can easily manage and add new sync devices and edit your account information using the links on the left sidebar. When adding new sync devices, Thexyz provides a feature many people might be missing on iCloud and similar services: Each device can be added using a unique access password. This means, that you’ll never have to use your actual account password on your devices, if you wouldn’t like to. The range of supported devices currently includes Mac OS X 10.8 (Address Book & Calendar), 10.7 (Address Book & iCal), 10.6 (Address Book & iCal), 10.5 (iCal only), Mozilla Thunderbird (Contacts & Calendars), Evolution (Contacts, Calendars & Tasks), iOS (Contacts, Calendars & Tasks), Google Android (Contacts & Calendars), Nokia N9 (Calendars only) and “Other clients” (CardDAV/CalDAV & .ics).

When adding a device, a wizard guides you through the setup process, using detailed screenshots of how to set up the synchronization on that actual endpoint.
Synchronization is working pretty fast and smooth and there’s actually nothing noteworthy to report – what’s good with such a service. From the current point of view they’re doing a very cool job!

If you’d like to try it out on your own, feel free to sign up on Thexyz and set up your devices. Maybe, it’s the alternative to iCloud and Google’s services you’ve been searching for a long time?

Telus Hosting

Telus Hosting is very basic and seems to belong to a previous era of the Internet. It is slow and lacks the security and features you would expect even from a much smaller web host. The support is slow and lacks knowledge about web hosting. From our experience here, we recommend using any other provider before considering Telus.


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Driond lay special focus on performance speeds and data stability. For this exact reason, our website hosting platform uses fast SSDs in addition to a ZFS–based file system. Furthermore, you can take advantage of a well proven firewall, which is enabled for all plans. The transfer of your websites to our servers is quick and free of cost for you. Do not hesitate to move over to us now.

Driond provides risk–free website hosting solutions with more than enough disk storage space and bandwidth. Each of our cloud hosting packages has been carefully designed to offer the maximum possible amount of features for its price. A affordable domain name is offered with all our plans as well. What’s more, every cloud web hosting account is backed up automatically.

All plans comes with Memcached, a system designed for boosting site streaming rates by caching the data–base information that is inquired by your website visitors. It’s an effective distributed memory object caching platform, allowing for data and objects to be stored within the RAM as an alternative for being loaded whenever a user opens a web page.