Phpfox Solutions

When it comes to hosting phpFox you need to make sure you have a good web hosting provider. The software is very heavy on server resources and therefore requires a good server. When you come across phpFox Solutions who specialise in phpFox hosting you expect you are going to get a good web hosting package geared towards hosting the phpfox script. This is however not the case, phpFox solutions does not even have out access to the database that is required to run the software.

This makes updates to phpFox difficult and risky as you are often reminded to keep your database updated and backed up. From time to time you may need to perform tasks on the database.

I am not sure how they call them the solution to hosting a phpFox site when they do not offer what is needed to manage it.

You ate best of using a web host that allows database access so you can manage the site without the riak of losing everything after an update.

When we used them with phpFox we found Phpfox Solutions to be highly problematic and unable to assist when things when wrong. Save yourself the trouble and go with any other other hosting provider.


Rackspace have a great track record for reliability on their fully managed cloud server infrastructure. They are not cheap but you can opt for a pay as go model which charges based on usage per hour. This make rackspace a great choice for sites that experience sharp peaks in traffic and therefore load. The pay as you cloud model can save you a lot in running multiple servers and load balancer’s.

The support at Rackspace is exceptional, they are a large company located in the United States. They have trade marked the term, “fanatical support” and that is exactly the vide you get from the team at Rackspace.

They have been in business since and continue to grow.

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